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Effectively marketing your products or services is key to your company's success. You may provide financial services, sell online products, cars or even dog beds. Every business model is unique. Working with a sales lead generation & marketing company that understands your needs and believes in your success is a must. provides a wide range of services including lead generation, lead management, sales training, sales scripting, consulting and web development. Our services can help you from the second a lead is generated to the time it results in a sale.

Our Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Pay per Click Management
  • Lead Management Solutions
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • Sales Training
  • Search Engine & Social Media Optimization
  • Web Design & Development

Our Lead Generation Process

Most new clients come to our website because they are buying under performing leads or failing at generating leads in house. Many have tried pay per click marketing only to realize it is extremely expensive and their campaigns didn’t yield the quantity or quality they expected. Others are lured in by lead providers selling leads at an extremely low price, which is attractive at first, only to realize the leads were oversold or generated via questionable marketing methods.

Take advantage of pay per click marketing on your terms!

Option #1 - Buy high quality PPC leads from us directly.
Option #2 - Our experts manage your current or new PPC campaign.

Each of these starts with an overview of your goals and ends with an action plan for reaching those goals. You are involved from the beginning providing landing page feedback, assuring industry specific compliance and setting up reporting to assure CPA goals are met.

Our Marketing & Leads

We currently manage marketing and lead generation campaigns for clients in over 100 different industries. These include doctors, attorneys, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, movers, shipping companies, investment firms, home services, contractors, restaurants and other small local businesses.

Each of our clients has trusted us to manage every aspect of their marketing campaign. This includes landing page design, campaign set up, management and staying on top of growing trends such as mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing allows us to driving in highly targeted live calls to our customers at a low CPA.

We currently generate debt settlement leads, mortgage leads, student loan leads, auto warranty leads, credit repair leads, bankruptcy leads and more through our in house web properties for over 50 clients which buy real time Internet and live call leads from us daily.

About has been generating quality internet and live leads for over 15 years. Our dedicated team has mostly worked "behind the scenes" generating leads for top media and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Today we offer the same services to over 100 industries and companies of all sizes.

We are able to create, deploy and track highly effective marketing campaigns. Our proven strategies result in higher quality sales leads at a lower cost compared to our competitors.

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Other Lead Types

Life Insurance Leads

Life Insurance Leads

Building a solid book of business for your Life Insurance agency just got a lot easier with our Hot Life Insurance Leads.

Auto Warranty Leads

Auto Warranty Leads

The Auto Warranty industry is a growing industry. Having access to solid leads can fuel your sales in this competitive market.

Continuing Education Leads

Continuing Education Leads

We off quality leads for education professionals. Generated by search, email and social media are now available on our network.


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