Aged Leads for Telemarketing or Email Marketing

Buying aged leads for telemarketing or email marketing can prove to be highly profitable. An aged lead is usually a lead that has become 30 days of age or older. Since this data is so affordable, it result in a more favorable CPA (Cost per Acquisition). The key to turning aged leads into a profit depends on your ability to reach the leads at an affordable cost. Hand dialing aged leads can be to costly and time consuming, but email marketing the data can result in a high ROI (Return on Investment).

Currently at we scrub and compile over 100,000 new aged leads each month. Below is a list of our most popular aged lead products.

  • Aged Debt Leads
  • Aged Loan Modification Leads
  • Aged Mortgage Leads
  • Aged Credit Repair Leads
  • Aged Health Insurance Leads
  • Aged Auto Warranty Leads
  • Aged Auto Loan Leads
  • Aged Car Insurance Leads

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Aged Lead Delivery

All of our leads are compiled in either excel spreadsheet, CSV or MySQL dump. If you need another method of delivery, please speak to an account representative, we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs.