Auto Warranty Leads

The Auto Warranty business is a growing industry. Having access to solid leads to fuel your sales floor is a must. We have been generating quality Auto Warranty Leads for over 5 years. Each lead is generated by driving traffic to our in house landing pages.

We are able to generate Auto Warranty Leads via Google Search and Email Marketing. Leads generated through Google Search can close as high as 20%. Currently we are able to produce over 500 Leads daily.

How we generate our auto warranty leads
Our auto warranty sites are engaging and informative which results in a higher quality lead because they are requesting information for their vehicle. All leads include contact information as well as vehicle information

About lead quality
We take every measure to insure the quality of our leads. Our proprietary 3 step quality control method ensures that the information you receive is accurate and in real time. Our system weeds out 99% of fraudulent leads. As a result our contact ratios exceed those of our competitors.

Lead Return Policy
LeadOrder has a generous and understanding return policy when it comes to our warranty leads. As a valued client, you will be assigned an account representative that will assist you in all matters including returns and credits.

Lead Delivery
Our development team is experienced with all current CRM systems. We can have your leads delivered in real-time to any system that accepts incoming requests. Some of the more popular systems are Leads360, Salesforce, LeadExec and many more. IF you choose, we also provide email delivery and or our in-house lead management system. All aged leads are delivered in either spreadsheet or MySql.

Don't forget to inquire about our aged lead data.