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How to build great landing pages

Generating your own leads is not as easy as you would think. A great landing page is key to generating leads online. Conversion rates can suffer dramatically if your page is not designed correctly. A good landing page for lead generation needs to have 5 major components. Here they are listed below.

Landing Page Tips

1. Appeal: A landing page must have appeal to the demographic you are targeting. Images, colors and layout need to focus on your target audience.

2. Transparency: You should clearly state who you are and what you are doing with the information you intend to capture.

3. Credentials & Security: A secure website with appropriate seals can increase conversions dramatically.

4. Call to Action: Your landing page must have a clear call to action. If you are focusing on calls put your phone number in several places.

5. Selling Point: Give the visitor a reason to fill out the form. A clear message that tells them what they get if they fill out your form or call.

Secret to Increasing Conversions

Creating the perfect landing page will increase lead conversions. It is a fact. Assuming you have the perfect landing page already is a big mistake made by many online marketers. You should always create multiple landing pages or variations of your best performing landing page.

Split testing different landing pages will help you lower your CPA and generate higher quality leads. You should always try new images, colors, lead capture forms, form positions, sales copy, text and even logo position. Never assume your landing page can not be better.



by Anthony Urso on Jan 10, 2012
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