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PPC lead generation tipsPay-Per-Click advertising is a fairly common tool used by marketing strategists and lead generators. Pay-Per-Click advertising works by charging for advertising space based upon the amount of times that Internet users click on a particular ad. Given this billing structure, the best pay-per-click campaigns are those that convert a higher percentage of clicks to sales. Although this sounds simple, understanding which advertisements work best is not as straightforward.

Find the Best Ads & Keywords

To help marketing strategists determine where to spend their advertising dollars, Google's AdWords has recently added a "Dimensions" tab to its dashboard. Google AdWords is one of the most popular pay-per-click platforms on the World Wide Web, and these kinds of features are what keeps marketing professionals coming back to it.

The Dimensions tab allows AdWords users to understand which advertisements are accumulating the most clicks. As a highly detailed feature, the Dimensions tab has certainly enhanced the experience of AdWords users. Some of the details that can be accessed from this tab include:

•    The search terms that are associated with the appearance of a particular advertisement.

•    The times of day during which the most clicks accumulate.

•    The location, in terms of geography, of Internet users that click a particular ad.

•    The specific page, called the destination URL, to which ads send the individuals who click on them.

By using these details, marketing professionals and lead generators are able to tweak their pay-per-click strategies to create a more efficient campaign. For example, if a specific product page is resulting in more conversions, and more sales, than a home page, the destination URL can be altered in an effort to increase the conversion rate. Likewise, keywords can be optimized to ensure that advertisements are reaching their intended demographics.

What Landing Pages are Working the Best?

But the Dimensions feature of Google AdWords can do more than help you tweak your pay-per-click strategy. The destination URL page can help you determine whether or not your landing pages are garnering the traction that they should be. This information can help you determine other changes that are necessary, such as content changes on landing pages, to push your marketing strategy forward.

Achieving a high conversion rate is the goal of every pay-per-click campaign, and Google AdWords is a pay-per-click platform that provides the information you need to tailor the many aspects of your strategy. The information that this feature provides is invaluable in terms of the analysis that can be conducted based upon its findings. As pay-per-click advertising continues to evolve, Google AdWords is maintaining its spot as a leader in this field.

by Anthony Urso on Jan 17, 2012
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