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Online reputation management for law firmsYou can have the best marketing campaign and best leads on the planet but if you have a bad online reputation then you are fighting an up hill battle.

The Internet is a powerful tool—one that can make or break your career with just a little bit of content. Because word travels quickly over the Internet, and all of the information is available to literally anyone in the world, it is important for professionals to maintain a positive online reputation. This is especially true of attorneys.

Protect your Law Firm's Reputation

Before hiring an attorney, individuals often go to the Internet to do a bit of research. In fact, in today’s technologically centered culture people often perform online keyword searches of many different products and services before committing to them. For an attorney, though, it is especially crucial that a great online reputation is in place.

Consider this: you fight as hard as you can for one of your clients but just did not win the case. If that client is so inclined, he or she could post reviews of your work online. Many different review sites are available to individuals that are looking to rate or gather information about professionals, and submitting a negative review is quick and easy. Think now about what your potential future clients will see when they research you after the negative review has gone up. Of course, no one can please every client, but if there is not enough positive information to overcome the negative review then you will most likely lose a lot of business. People base their financial decisions on the past performances of the professionals they are looking to invest in. If you fail to show that you can provide the legal services they need they will not hesitate to pass up your practice and continue their search.

Creating Positive PR & Content

Being an attorney is a difficult job, one that often involves explaining the realities of the legal system to clients that may have the wrong idea about their legal options. This is sure to disappoint at least a few people, but if you have enough positive content in place you can counter any negative review that might be posted! The bottom line is that the Internet is one of the most popular resources for consumers. Should a keyword search for your name or practice turn up a variety of negative content then you can be sure that people will start passing you by. On the other hand, if you have secured a positive online reputation and have implemented the quality content you need to attract clients then you may very well see an increase in your business.

by Anthony Urso on Jan 17, 2012
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