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Create facebook content and trafficWhen it comes to generating leads through social media, content really is king. Take Facebook, for example. Some companies lack strategy in how they implement the social network that they ultimately just throw out keywords and calls to action with no sense of vision at all—and it’s little wonder that they end up with no conversions and very few Facebook “likes.” Good, compelling content is the key to getting fans, and fans are crucial for generating leads—so if you want to really use Facebook marketing effectively, you first need to think seriously about creating effective content.

Five Tips for Generating Leads Through Better Facebook Content

Easier said than done? By no means! Just remember these five crucial tips for keeping that content truly compelling, and effective in generating leads.

1. Remember that what you are really trying to do is persuade or compel someone to do something—that is, click a link. The best way to do this is to use really energetic action verbs. Don’t use too many mundane, passive verbs, but rather use words like share, connect, search, recommend, and so forth.

2. Another thing to remember is that people come to Facebook for quick, concise content—so you need to make sure your social media content really gets to the heart of the matter quickly and effectively. One of the best ways to do this is to take your existing copy and condense it into bullet points.

3. Another way to keep content compelling is to make it informative. Don’t just tell people what to do—tell them why they should do it. Try using statistics or current news stories that tie into your industry, or to your products and services.

4. Make that content easy to find—and not just for people who happen to stumble across your Facebook page. Placing social media icons on your landing pages is a great way to drive traffic to that Facebook profile, and ultimately boost your number of “likes.”

5. Finally, don’t forget that the quality of your content ultimately reflects on your business, so you want to come across as competent and professional. The easiest way to do this? Take ninety seconds to read back through your content before you post it. You’d be amazed at what a difference a little proofreading makes, and it takes no time at all. Ensure that your content is accurate and error-free—and that it sounds good, too!

by Anthony Urso on Feb 03, 2012
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