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Find list of high converting keywordsWant to Increase PPC Conversions? Choose the Right Keywords!

What if your company's logo could pop up when someone searched for information about your industry? What if an advertisement for your organization was showcased on websites across the World Wide Web when Internet users typed in search terms that match your organization's services? Thanks to pay-per-click marketing, these things can happen!

Pay-per-click marketing has quickly become one of the most popular advertising techniques on the Internet. By virtually bringing your company's advertisements to a variety of websites, this tactic allows you to go out and actively recruit consumers within your target demographic. While this seems to be a nearly perfect strategy, it is important to remember that there are many facets of this technique that must be handled properly in order for it to work. One of these is the selection of effective keywords.

Choosing the Right Amount of Keywords

When picking the keywords that your pay-per-click marketing campaign will use, you may be tempted to choose a slew of industry-related words that you hope will result in a high conversion rate. The more keywords you choose the better, right? Well, not necessarily.

See, you have to bid on each keyword. If you are paying for a large number of these keywords and they don't convert a high percentage of clicks to sales you may lose money. The best approach, then, is a targeted one. Do a bit of research and choose a select few keywords that identify well with your target demographic.

Picking Less Obvious Keywords

Although "restaurants" may be an obvious keyword choice for a restaurant owner, how many other restaurant owners have made that same choice? Not only will you be competing with a large number of other campaigns for ad space, the bids accepted for this keyword will probably be relatively high—meaning "restaurants" may be a fairly expensive and ineffective keyword to use. Instead, try targeted words that are less common yet are still related to the industry. This will allow your pay-per-click advertisement to appear more often and cost less.

Continually Analyzing Progress

Keep in mind the fact that your keyword choice is not set in stone. If a keyword isn't performing as well as you would like, replace it with something more targeted or less popular. By constantly analyzing the performance of your pay-per-click campaign, you can make adjustments to the keywords and other aspects of your strategy in an effort to constantly improve your marketing tactics.

by Anthony Urso on Jan 19, 2012
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