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Twitter marketing and hashtagsTips on how to use Twitter hashtags to generate hot leads.

Generating quality debt leads on social networks such as Twitter is not as hard as it seems. Many business owners or marketing managers know that Twitter and even Facebook are great places to generate new leads. Below we have a great overview of how to generate debt leads on Twitter.

Social Media Advertising

Social networks are effective ways to generate leads, and each one—whether it’s Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter—comes with its own unique set of perks. With Twitter, one of the most invaluable features is the hashtag feature. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, here’s the hashtag concept in a nutshell: By prefacing a short word or phrase with the “#” sign, you create a unique term that is immediately entered into a list of other Tweets featuring the same hashtag. Using hashtags, in other words, is essential for building buzz and establishing trends.

How to Create Hashtags on Twitter

But how does you business create hashtags that will truly prove useful in generating leads? Remember that the construction of the hashtag itself is vital; some tags go viral, while others die almost immediately. One way to ensure that your hashtag is successful, reaches a lot of people, and ultimately generates debt leads is to ensure that it is brief. For one thing, this makes it easy to remember, and for another, it makes it easier to spell correctly! Additionally, remember that those who use your hashtag will be restricted to 140 characters. Keeping the hashtag short gives them more room to offer their own commentary or opinions, which makes them more likely to actually use it.

Another thing to remember is that a hashtag is going to be effective if it is tied to an event, a giveaway, a specific promotion, or even just a holiday. It is important to milk these tags for all they’re worth, however, and to start generating buzz early. Don’t wait until the last minute to create a hashtag. Start it early and let it build momentum!

Finally, leverage the power of your Twitter following to make these hashtags even more effective. Be strategic in selecting terms that will appeal to your followers, or at least those you think will be influential in spreading that hashtag to others. The more your hashtag spreads, the more traffic you may get.

Of course, a hashtag alone is not going to amount to much. At some point, it should be tied to a link to a landing page, or some other page where you can give a clear call to action. That’s where you’ll really convert those debt leads. In terms of generating buzz and gathering attention, though, Twitter’s hashtag system is pretty tough to beat, and should certainly be used to your advantage!

by Anthony Urso on Jan 31, 2012
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