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At Leadorder.com we currently generate thousands of sales leads daily via Google Adwords. We do this for our in house web properties and by driving traffic directly to our clients' landing pages. Leads generated via Google Adwords usually have a higher contact rate and closing rate. This means you spend less time marketing and more time speaking to qualified prospects.

So how do you get qualified prospects on Google Pay per Click?

You do this by tracking sales conversions back to search phrase that created the original lead. By harvesting this data you are able to identify trends in your sales.

Here are some example trends that you should look for when tracking conversions back to keywords or search phrases.

  1. Obviously the first one is the Search Phrase (This is different than the Keyword)
  2. Keyword
  3. Match Type
  4. Device Type
  5. State Location
  6. City Location
  7. Day of Week
  8. Time of Day

By compiling this data you are able to create charts in your CRM or Lead Management system which show you exactly where your sales are coming from. It is great if you are generating leads at your target cost per lead, but tracking where the sales come from is going to drive your ROI through the roof.

Here is what you are going to need in order to make this happen.

First Step

You will need to have a lead management system or CRM. You can not do this by hand. I know there are smaller sales floors out there that still manage leads manually but no matter how small you are there is an Affordable CRM or Lead Management System.

Second Step

Next you are going to need to set up Google Conversion Tracking. This is a pretty simple process that involves placing a small amount of code on your done or thank you page. You can find information on that by going here. This is going to allow you to track what search phrases convert into leads.

Now this is great for optimizing Google Adwords Campaigns but it is not going to help you track what leads converted into sales. To do that move on to the next step.

Third Step

You must set your destination URL to include the correct URL Parameters. This will allow you to post over the keyword, match type, search phrase, network and device into your CRM or Lead Management System.

If you need help setting this up then please call us for a free overview of the process or we can do it for you.

Last Step

The last step in the process would be comparing all closed deals to leads. After you find these you will have the names of the deals closed and all the URL Parameters you included in the destination URL.

This means you will know the keyword, match type, search phrase, network, device and more for each closed deal.

Take this information and focus on what is closing. Lead cost does not mean anything if you are not focusing on the leads that produce deals.

by Anthony Urso on Jun 12, 2013
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