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Increase Sales and Close More DealsClosing deals in today's economy is not easy. Consumers have lower income and industry regulations make it hard for most companies to maintain a positive cash flow.

Below we have some tips that may help you close more deals and improve your closing ratio.


Tip #1

Listen to your sales calls daily. Try to identify issues that are a turn off for the prospect. Are you pushy, not organized, not empathetic or just do not sound believable.

Tip #2

Keep a confident and steady tone of voice and rate of speech when asking for the sale or commitment. May sales reps lose the sale at this point. Be confident in the service you are providing.

Tip #3

Don't overload the prospect with too much information. As you present options, only present enough options for them to make a decision. Base your information around what the prospect is telling you about their situation.

Tip #4

Answer the phone clearly and professionally. If you sound shady then you will not get the deal.

Tip #5

Check your Caller ID. When you call a prospect does your caller ID match your company name or sound like a collection agency. This can hurt your contact rate and closing rate.

by Anthony Urso on Mar 07, 2013
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