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How to figure out your CPA or Cost per Acquisition

What is my Cost per Acquisition?

Out of the 25 calls I personally took from our sales line last week I would estimate that 10 of the prospects I spoke with knew their exact cost per acquisition. Some seemed to even be stumped by the question or not know what I meant by CPA.

Cost Per Acquisition is a method of advertising whereby the advertiser only pays when an advert delivers an acquisition. Moreover, CPA is very effective for an advertiser to pay because they only pay when the advertising has met its purpose. In our case it would be the lead we generate. For the lead buyer it would by the deal or closing.

It is highly recommended by Leadorder.com that before you call us or any other marketing company that you know your current and target CPA, Cost per Acquisition.

We know exactly what our CPA is in regards to generating your lead. If your target is a $350 CPA then you are willing to spend $350 of your marketing dollars to get a deal.  Having this information allows us to recommend services that can achieve your target CPA.

Of course you may want a $150 CPA, but let’s be realistic and target something that can truly be reached.

If you need help putting together an exclusive marketing plan for your company please contact Leadorder.com at 1-866-610-8422. Get a Free Consultation on how we can lower your CPA with Internet Marketing.

by Anthony Urso on Feb 05, 2010
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