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optimize landing pagesA landing page is an essential component in any digital marketing campaign—in fact, most companies have many of them. You will want some landing pages to implement with your SEO efforts, but you will likely also want a landing page specific to your Facebook account, your Twitter homepage, and so forth. The question, though, is how a company or a marketing pro crafts a truly effective landing page. Consider the following tips for optimizing your landing page and ultimately generating more leads.

  • One of the most essential things to consider is why a user is accessing your landing page to begin with. Chances are, it’s because they are seeking information, not coming to be entertained. A lot of landing pages are designed to resemble three-ring circuses, but what people really want is clear, easy-to-access information. Give it to them straightforwardly, and organize your material in a way that it’s easier for users to navigate. Remember that compelling content is what leads to conversions.
  • Another important step for generating leads and getting conversions is to make sure people know they’re in the right place—lest they navigate away from the page in a hurry! Just make sure there is something at the top of each landing page letting people know where they are, and assuring them that they’re in the right place.
  • You probably know that one of the key ingredients in any landing page is a strong call to action—but why limit it to just one? Some folks will be clambering for a link to click on before the first paragraph is over and done. Others will want to read the entire page, gather all the data, and then click a link at the bottom. Make sure you’re providing plenty of strong calls to action throughout each landing page.
  • And of course, another important landing page lesson is to ensure that you test it thoroughly. Send traffic, monitor the stats, and make sure it’s effective. Tweak anything that doesn’t work—but also remember to give each landing page a chance. Leave it up for a few months, revising as necessary, before scrapping it and moving on.

By following these tips, you can create a landing page that will persuade users to click the links you need them to click on—and ultimately use your landing pages as essential tools for your business.

by Anthony Urso on Mar 27, 2012
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