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Debt LeadsFinding a good debt lead in today's market is tough. Over the last year or so the vertical has become challenging. The team at Leadorder has spent months and thousands of dollars testing new marketing techniques, advertising channels and landing pages. We are proud to say that we believe we have found a solution for companies in need of quality debt leads.

Recently we have formed a coalition of debt relief companies that can help applicants from our consumer websites with credit card debt, medical debt, irs tax debt, student loan debt and other debt types. Forming this group has allowed us to provide targeted leads for lead buyers.

Anthony Urso on Apr 05, 2012

Create local partnerships to increase businessLead generation is a task that has largely fallen to the responsibility of the Internet and other technological tools. Software and other programs have been integrated into lead generation tactics, while business owners have spent hours analyzing the data that these programs create. Lead generation programs have a valuable place in the field, and they do a lot of good for many organizations; however, some people may be so caught up in the lead generation craze that they forget the power of traditional marketing methods. Case in point: the local partnership.

Anthony Urso on Feb 10, 2012

Twitter marketing and hashtagsTips on how to use Twitter hashtags to generate hot leads.

Generating quality debt leads on social networks such as Twitter is not as hard as it seems. Many business owners or marketing managers know that Twitter and even Facebook are great places to generate new leads. Below we have a great overview of how to generate debt leads on Twitter.

Anthony Urso on Jan 31, 2012

Six Tips for Generating Leads with Social Media

When it comes to generating leads for your company, it is vital to ensure that you are using all the tools you have at your disposal—especially the ones that have been proven effective. In this day and age, that means leveraging the power of social media. With more than 800 million users, Facebook is an ideal avenue for you to use in generating leads, and that’s to say nothing of the other social networks that are out there. But what are the best strategies for implementing social media to your advantage?

Anthony Urso on Jan 30, 2012

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns can be very successful if done right. If not, well, then they may be a waste of marketing dollars. The trick to getting your PPC campaign up and running smoothly is to prepare for it before your advertisements are released. Part of this process is to create an eye-catching ad that quickly communicates what your organization has to offer.

Anthony Urso on Jan 25, 2012

Common marketing terms and lingoWe speak to a lot of new and current clients daily. Many times they do not understand our lingo. We have provided an ongoing list of terms we use so that you may better understand what in the world we are talking about. We will add to this list weekly as more questions come our way. Of course if you have a question then just ask!

Anthony Urso on Jan 08, 2012