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Create local partnerships to increase businessLead generation is a task that has largely fallen to the responsibility of the Internet and other technological tools. Software and other programs have been integrated into lead generation tactics, while business owners have spent hours analyzing the data that these programs create. Lead generation programs have a valuable place in the field, and they do a lot of good for many organizations; however, some people may be so caught up in the lead generation craze that they forget the power of traditional marketing methods. Case in point: the local partnership.

Network to Create Local Partnerships

Consider this scenario: You run a flower shop and have been looking for ways to expand your business. You want to tap into new demographics while maintaining the integrity of your operation. Odds are, you want to stay relatively local. Many business owners in this situation would turn to the Internet. Lead generation tools abound on the World Wide Web, and you need leads to expand your clientele.

In addition to taking to the Internet, you should explore local partnership opportunities.

Consider who would be using your services and which other local businesses may provide complementary services to yours. As a florist, you will want to reach out to wedding planners, funeral directors, and event coordinators. Offer to put their business card by your register if they share your information with their clients. After getting to know them better, try setting up a referral system that allows you both to share clientele while increasing your bottom lines. When looking to create a partnership, consider local businesses first.

Yes, national brands may have more people walking through their doors each day, but there will probably be a great deal of red tape involved in establishing a professional relationship (i.e., you will probably hear "I have to run this by my boss" quite a few times). Local businesses, on the other hand, are often eager to help other local organizations—especially if it helps them in return.

Remember, a partnership is just that, and you must give and take. If a business agrees to post a flyer about your company, or put a stack of business cards by their register, offer to send them referrals in a similar fashion. Lead generation is a crucial aspect of a healthy business, and lead generation software and other tools are great ways to increase the visibility of your brand; however, don't forget the power of a local partnership!

by Anthony Urso on Feb 10, 2012
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