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Generate leads online with SEOIs Search Engine Optimization a lead-generating strategy that really works? To the novice, it can almost seem like it’s too good to be true, the notion that if you just string together the magic combination of words, you can generate solid leads and ultimately build sales. But in reality, SEO is much more than magic words—it’s a proven strategy that involves heavy research and effective content creation. SEO, when done right, will boost your page rankings and bring in a stream of traffic to your company’s website or blog. That traffic will, in turn, generate plenty of solid leads.

But what is SEO, exactly? Basically, it’s implementing the right kinds of keywords, in the right context, in content-rich online assets. The keywords you use are picked up by search engines, which lead people to your company’s Web page. The first and most important thing, then, is thinking of the words that will generate the right kind of leads. There are entire websites devoted to helping you research and select the right keywords, but, in general, your SEO strategy should emphasize in-demand products and services that your company offers, as well as—where appropriate—geographic information. Researching the right SEO keywords is vital for ensuring an effective campaign. Even using Google’s automatically generated search tips will give you a good idea of what people are searching for.

After you research your SEO keywords, the next step is content creation. Remember that simply arranging the magic words will not help; your keywords need to be embedded in content that someone might actually read. Search engines like Google and Bing rank pages partly on the grounds of keywords, but also on the basis of quality. Having good content with keywords implemented in the right places—within the document itself but also within the title, if possible—is what generates leads.

Using SEO keywords within your business’ website is a great way to generate traffic and amass leads, but you can also strengthen your SEO campaign by pointing still more traffic to your website. Do this by incorporating keywords into your company’s blog and even social media, and also using those platforms to link back to your company website. The greater you strengthen your own network of keywords and links, the more leads you should generate. That’s the very real power of a good Search Engine Optimization campaign, and the reason why this is hailed as one of the most effective forms of marketing your company could possible invest in.

by Anthony Urso on Aug 28, 2012
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