Credit Repair Leads

Credit Repair LeadsIf you are a credit repair professional, finding a good source of credit repair leads is not only essential but a vital part of your business. One of the obstacles our clients have faced in the past from other lead providers is the poor contact ratio. One of our keys to success is the understanding that people with credit issues do not like to pick up the phone when they do not recognize the person calling them. When we generate our leads, we make it abundantly clear that they will be receiving a phone call within the next few minutes to discuss their options.

Most of the credit repair leads generated on the web today are considered "co-registration leads" or simply co-reg. A co-reg lead is one where people complete a form and then check a box stating that they would be interested in "other" services. These leads are then sold an attractive and extremely low price, unfortunately the contact ration on these leads are less than those generated through targeted marking.

It is a hard nut to crack. Credit repair leads have to be priced right to achieve the ROI you are looking for, but generating a real credit repair lead online is not as cheap as co-registration leads. So the key is to find the perfect balance between price and conversions.

Pricing is not everything. If the lead converts at a high rate then it is the perfect lead. Find out more about our credit repair leads today, just fill out the form to the left or call now.

Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Leads are available. Speak with an account representative to learn which solution is best for you.

Real Time Lead Delivery
We are experienced with all current CRM systems. We can have your leads delivered in real-time to any system that accepts incoming requests. Some of the more popular systems are Leads360, Salesforce, LeadExec and many more. If you choose, we can also email leads directly to you.