Buy Quality Debt Leads

Debt LeadsGenerating quality debt leads is a challenge. Consumers in debt are hard to get on the phone and may not have funds to participate in a debt relief program. We have developed an in house system that helps combat these two major issues. First we generate all leads in house. We do not outsource this marketing because it is a very delicate vertical.

Our Debt Leads Generation Process

We only use quality traffic sources such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Display Media and Email Marketing. Over the last few years there has been dramatic changes in the way you can market debt relief services. We take the time to assure we are compliant and following all FTC regulations in regards to debt relief service marketing.

Another key to our success is the detail in which we break down the specific type of debt on each lead. Every applicant is asked to list the total amount of Credit Card Debt, Medical Debt, Tax Debt, Student Loan Debt and Other Debt. This helps us provide our clients with the exact type of debt they need to increase closing percentages.

When it comes to contact rate and debt leads most buyers know this is a key component. A solid lead management system or CRM can help speed up contact time and it highly recommended that each debt buyer invest in this technology. By using high end search engines and a longer lead capture form we are able to weed out the shoppers and capture interested consumers that answer the phone when you call.

Our Debt Leads Pricing

I know you want to hear about our debt leads pricing. The number one thing that most of our clients jump right to, but there is a lot behind lead pricing. The problem with most transactions between debt lead buyers and sellers is that sellers are too quick to drop right down to the "better pricing" that you want. When in reality it only forces the debt lead seller to lie to you. What do we mean lie to you?

Like we said there is a lot behind pricing. A real debt lead aggregator cannot generate a quality debt lead below a certain price point. Dropping prices to make deals happen forces the seller to take their advertised "sold 3 times" debt lead and sell it four or even five times. They have to make their money somehow, do you really think they are happy with a $5 dollar profit per debt lead. I don't think so.

Good debt leads are getting harder and harder to generate. Of course we can flood the gates with leads of consumers over $10,000 in debt. The trick is getting qualified leads that are truly interested in debt relief. This is achieved by presenting the right marketing message to someone researching or searching for debt relief online. We have his part down pat, to find out more just call or email us.

Debt Consolidation Leads

Debt Consolidation Leads are usually generated for homeowners looking to refinance and consolidate debt. We also generate leads for individuals looking to consolidate general or unsecured debt.
Debt Consolidation is a highly searched term on major search engines such as Google. Turning this traffic into leads is our specialty. We are able to generate Debt Consolidation Leads in all 50 states.

Debt Settlement Leads

The debt settlement industry is growing right along with consumer spending. Consumer credit card use and credit card debt is at an all time high. Job loss, divorce, medical issues and failed businesses are all common reasons consumers find themselves in debt.

Debt Lead Features

  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Leads Available
  • 100% Real Time Debt Leads
  • 5 Day Return Policy on Bad Leads
  • Fair Return Policy
  • All Leads $10,000 plus in Debt
  • Branded Thank You Pages Available
  • Backend Lead Tracking System
  • Post to Leads360, LeadMailBox and more

About lead quality

We take every measure to insure the quality of our leads. Our proprietary 3 step quality control method ensures that the information you receive is accurate and in real time. Our system weeds out 99% of fraudulent leads. As a result our contact ratios exceed those of our competitors.

Lead Return Policy

LeadOrder has a generous and understanding return policy when it comes to our warranty leads. As a valued client, you will be assigned an account representative that will assist you in all matters including returns and credits.

Lead Delivery

Our development team is experienced with all current CRM systems. We can have your leads delivered in real-time to any system that accepts incoming requests. Some of the more popular systems are Leads360, Salesforce, LeadExec and many more. IF you choose, we also provide email delivery and or our in-house lead management system. All aged leads are delivered in either spreadsheet or MySQL.